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About us

Huixin Industry Co., Ltd. was established as a chemicals sourcing company. It has grown continuously over the years to become one of the largest and creditable chemicals suppliers in the north of China.
It is our principle of operation that we always strive to achieve “a balanced profit” among the three parties, the factories, exporter and importers. That is to be provided products at affordable price, together with our first class service to help customers buy quality products at reasonable price.
Every customer and every order are the emphasis of our work. Full satisfaction and no unsolved problem is the target of our pursuit.
Our growth is got by serving all customers and it will be go on by repaying old and new customers.
What started from a dream, success started from an action. Look forward to growing and developing together with you!

The Company Vision:

The company persist the principal of quality first, honoring contract and abiding by promises doing business and established a streamline service system of good sources, transportation, storage and documentation and to provide perfect services to customers.




Introduction of main products


Petroleum resin:


    Petroleum resin is used in paint, printing ink, rubber tire, hot melt adhesive, etc.


Pigment powder:


    Pigment powder is widely used for color coating, ink, plastic, rubber.


Calcium hypochlorite:


    Calcium hypochlorite is widely used as a disinfectant, bleach, oxidant chlorine products available.

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Pigment powder is widely used for color coating.  Petroleum resin is used in paint.   Calcium hypochlorite is widely used as a disinfectant.

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